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At Hokmah International, we believe learning is understanding.

What is learning?

It is not knowledge.

It is not a goal.

It is a journey. A journey of discovery.

It is a journey of seeing the world. And understanding it.

Learning connects us to others and brings a deeper understanding of ourselves.

Learning shows us not only the world.... but how we fit in to it .

Learning is the truth.

Hokmah International School Emblem

  1. Hokmah stands for wisdom in Hebrew: we hope our children are filled with the spirit of wisdom and seek for it.
  2. The olive branch forms a V shape for victory, wisdom and peace: we encourage our children to strive for excellence with wisdom and peace.
  3. The blue represents the sky and is the colour of children's uniforms in China: we remember our roots and see no limits to our children's ambitions.
  4. Summum Bonum stands for the principle of the highest goodness in Latin: we emphasise all-rounded qualities.
  5. The shield symbolises heart and courage: we stand firm on our core values.

The combined elements connect the East and West, classic and contemporary, and nurture our children with global perspectives central to our international liberal arts education.

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