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Hokmah International School Division integrates interactive courseware, including Fun n' Friends® (FnF), Literature Out Loud (LOL), Sounds of English, Athena and the Magic Owl (AMO), and FAST® in our curriculum.

LOL is a collaborated programme with Cultural Agents Initative, Harvard University.

Curriculum Team

Steven Chan, BBA (CUHK) (FAST)

Clement Chung, MF, TfU (Harvard) (Curriculum Director)

Therese Condit, B.A., M.Ed. (Harvard) (LOL)

Ellen Flaherty, BA, MA (Stanford) (FnF)

Anna Fulton, BA (Oxford) (FnF)

Tony Kwok, BA (FnF)

Kinnie Lai, BA (HKU) (FnF)

Anthony Lee, PhD (London) (FAST Researcher)

Kenneth Liu, MEng (Cornell), MS (MIT) (AMO)

Ryan Mahoney, A.B. (Harvard) (FnF)

Linh O, M.Ed. (Harvard) (FAST)

Zofia Stanley, BA (Cambridge) (FAST)

Susan Swier, MA, PhD (St Andrews) (EB)

Jane Thomas, MA (Oxford) (EB)

Jenny White, BA (FnF)

Educational Technology

William Au

Denise Giglioli

Cutson Liu, BSc, MPhil, PhD, MIEEE

Mandy Ng, BEng

Poetry Poon, BEng, MCSD, MCSE, SCJP

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