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Jill Floyd

IB Cat 3IB Cat 2bIB Cat 2aIB Cat 1

Jill Floyd is a certified and skilled Canadian elementary school teacher who taught Year 5 using the IB curriculum and she also has experience with Years 1, 2, 3, and 4 from various schools in Canada and China.

Jill holds a Bachelor’s degree in Finance and a Batchelor’s of Education degree from St. Thomas University in Canada. She obtained her IB PYP Category 1 and Category 3 certificates and she will continue to take IB courses to further enhance her knowledge.

She is devoted to the IB method of teaching and wants to remain at Hokmah International School for a number of years to assist the learners in expanding their inquiry skills. Jill believes a classroom full of students who are engaged and excited about the learning process is the mark of a great educator. She is thrilled about her new life in China.

Elaine Ge

IB Cat 2IB Cat 1

Elaine has six years of teaching experience, including two years of teaching IB curriculum. Elaine has joined Hokmah International School section since we have started the programme. She loves children, and has a strong faith in them. Elaine also has gained strong rapport with parents and fellow teachers.

She has got the IB PYP course certification.

She believes education is lifelong learning, her goal is to prepare the children to be inquiring, knowledgeable and caring young people who help to create a better and more peaceful world through intercultural understanding and respect.

Daniel Johnson

IB Cat 1

Daniel is a certified teacher from the UK who completed his Bachelors of Education degree at Bishop Grosseteste University, England. Over the past 4 years, Daniel has taught a wide variety of ages in a number of different settings, including an 18-month teaching experience in Thailand. Daniel is a committed teacher who strives at all times to enable his learners to reach and exceed their full potential. He believes strongly that a positive learner-teacher relationship is the benchmark of academic success, so he makes a great effort to individualize learning to create a stimulating learning environment. His behavior management techniques are informed by student engagement and creative learning experiences. Furthermore, Daniel seeks to cultivate a student-led learning space powered by inquiring minds and responsible attitudes.

Matthew Koo

IB Cat 1

Matt is a Canadian certified teacher who completed both his Honours of Science degree and his Bachelors of Education degree at McMaster University in Ontario, Canada. Matt has worked with learners of all ages, specializing in classroom teaching and one-on-one tutoring. For the past two years, Matt has been exploring the world of Robotics and has since developed a successful educational Robotics curriculum for learners aged 6 to 14.

Matt is a passionate teacher who strives to help his learners reach their full academic potential. He aims to push his learners to do their best, all while maintaining a safe and friendly learning environment. Throughout his teaching career, Matt has worked extensively in developing a variety of differentiated teaching techniques and incorporating them into his classroom. As a strong advocate for inquiry-based learning, Matt uses activities such as games, puzzles, and scenarios in his lessons to give learners both an engaging and meaningful learning experience.

Peter Kruse

IB Cat 3IB Cat 2IB Cat 1

Peter Kruse is from Chicago, USA. Peter graduated from Judson University in 2007 with a Bachelor’s of Communications and Music. During college, Peter was a member of Phi Theta Kappa honor’s society, student government and college choir.

For the past two years, Peter has taught music at ISNS International School in Shenzhen. During his time at ISNS, Peter gained valuable IB teaching experience and earned certificates within the IB program.

Peter is passionate about teaching and his goal is to see students grow in educational and personal development. In his spare time, Peter loves riding his bike, recording music and performing at open mic events with his friends.

Kelly Li

IB Cat 2IB Cat 1

Kelly Li is a certified and experienced Elementary teacher. She graduated with a Bachelor degree from Beijing Institute of Art Research and taught IB PYP (International Baccalaureate Primary Years Program) in Cebu, Philippines and an American international school in Suzhou, China for over six years before joining Hokmah International School section at Yucai.

Kelly loves children and always finds ways to interact with them. She believes enthusiasm enables and motivates children to learn, so she naturally teaches with a contagious smile, and gives them the comfort to develop critical thinking and communication skills.

Anky Ming

IB Cat 2IB Cat 1

Anky graduated from Wuhan University of Technology in 2008 with a Master’s degree in English. She is a skilled and experienced elementary school teacher who loves children, cares about every further step they make, and has good relationship with children.

Her focus is on developing learner’s passions and attitudes, which enable them to learn, explore, and create actively.

She believes IB is the most appropriate way of educating learners because it helps them develop healthy personalities, inquiry, apply knowledge, and contribute to a better society.

Pong Hay Wing

IB Cat 2

Pong Hay Wing is a dedicated professional teacher who has a wide range of teaching experience in secondary and tertiary sectors. He has been a subject department head for more than 20 years at secondary schools, a tutor in curriculum studies at the Open University of Hong Kong for 2 years, a tutor teaching a refresher course for senior graduate masters at Hong Kong University for 3 years, and a graduate assistant while pursuing his PhD studies full time at Chinese University of Hong Kong for 3 years. Apart from serving as a certificate level English oral examiner for more than 10 years, he also served as an honorary certificate level History co-chief examiner at the Hong Kong Examinations Authority. At the same time, he served in the secondary school History subject committee as a member and later the chairman, in the Curriculum Council of the Hong Kong Education Department.

Mr. Pong believes in life-long education and is passionate about teaching and learning. He holds M.Div., M.Ed., B.A.(Hon), Adv. Dip. Ed., Dip. Ed. from various universities in Hong Kong.

Sydney Wong

IB Cat 2IB Cat 1

Sydney Wong is a certificated school principal in Hong Kong and an IB trained administrator, he was also founding vice principal of the Hong Kong University Graduates Association College in 2006, prior to which he was a teaching consultant at the University of Hong Kong. Before that, he was an education administrator with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, managing schools in refugee camps.

Sydney specialises in curriculum development, with a particular emphasis on the liberal arts, humanities, inquiry based learning, critical thinking skills and project-based learning. He has been widely interviewed by the media, including the South China Morning Post, the Commercial Radio of Hong Kong and the Hong Kong Education Bureau on his views on curriculum planning as well as his success of the humanities curriculum that he rendered to the schools he served.

Sydney has a BA (Hons), PgCEd., LLB(Hons) and two MEds.

Alice Zhu

IB Cat 2IB Cat 1

Alice is a dedicated and experienced teacher with over 4 years teaching experience in Beijing and Shenzhen. She loves children and spends time with them in and outside of classroom. She also enjoys exchanging notes with parents, especially about children’s learning journey and their achievements. Alice pasionately believes that a good education is about providing opportunities for each child to develop into their own person by striking a balance between academic excellence, personal and emotional development.

Good academic results will enable children to go on to good universities and pursue successful careers. However, the development of each child, at a deeper level prepares our children to be a global thinker and explorer.

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