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Literature Out Loud

Hokmah International School Division integrates interactive courseware, including Fun n' Friends® (FnF), Literature Out Loud (LOL), Sounds of English, Athena and the Magic Owl (AMO), and FAST® in our curriculum.

LOL is a collaborated programme with Cultural Agents Initative, Harvard University.

News from Cultural Agents Initiative at Harvard University

Sunkyul University Kindergarten

Sunkyul University kindergarten is the preschool of Sunkyul University in Korea. Through videos, children at Hokmah International and Sunkyul exchange their works and build friendships, while they become more intercultural awareness and sensitive to the world around them.

"Nihaoma(Hello) Hongkong!
We are Koreans.
We are Sunkyul Preschool children of South Korea.
We are 7 years old.
Our class name is star.
Glad to meet you!
Be our friends.
Please, answer!
We are waiting."

Children from Sunkyul.

Our Korean friends are learning about China.

HIS children’s video response

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